Wednesday, July 19, 2006


2 Weeks Left...

I'm getting both anxious and sad to leave. I'm really excited about my new position but I'm sad to leave my staff now that I've established relationships with most of them. It's going to be tough to leave.

As we're right in the middle of camp, I've had a ton of paperwork to do. I have to send paperwork home for all of nursery school and first-half kids on Friday. At the same time I'm testing, filling out paperwork, and making new groups for the kids who will be continuing for the second half of camp. It's making it extra tough because they only swim 3 days a week, including Fridays, and next Wednesday starts the Nine Days, so most kids will not be swimming then. My goal is to put them into groups on Monday so they can meet their teachers and be ready to continue in their new group a the end of the Nine Days. We'll see if that happens!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


What a week

It's been quite a week. I found out Tuesday night that I hadn't been doing a bunch of paperwork that I should have been. My supervisor sent me an e-mail in May or so, and I remember that, but I just forgot. I've been so overwhelmed with everything. I turned out okay because we made some changes to the letters that we would have had to have made because I'm leaving and they'll get sent out tomorrow.

I'm really excited for my new position but I'm worried I'm going to be exhausted when I start. Good thing I have a vacation coming up at the end of August! Camp Michigania East, my 15th summer in the Adirondaks!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Week 2 of Camp

I've been learning some lessons about delegating reponsibilities this week. I asked one of my staff to complete some paperwork before camp started but when I asked her for it yesterday, she told me it wasn't done and she didn't have most of it with her. I had to go help at another camp today, so I'm hoping she returned it finished today. We'll see...

I rode by the new student recreation center of the other school who offerred me an interview. I decided to accept my new position at Northeastern Illinois University instead, so I declined their offer. I'm not sorry I accepted my new position, but wow, they're new rec center looks gorgeous. It made me excited for the things that are happening in campus recreation and what I have to look forward to in years to come.

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