Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Camp has started, and surprisingly, it's going very smoothly. I have a really experienced staff, so even though one has missed a couple days already, people have stepped up to help out. Everyone wants more hours, so I haven't had trouble getting anything covered, and that's the only real complaint I've heard so far.

The problems I'm having are with the hours outside of camp. My Monday morning guard didn't show up because of a miscommunication, so I was at work by 7am to lifeguard for 2 hours and then I had a full day of camp after that. I was exhausted by Monday night. Also, the group lessons after camp have gotten a lot bigger than I expected, so they've been a lot of additional work. I've also had a lot of requests for private lessons. All of these extra things have been a little overwhelming, but at least it's just those and not camp too.

I called and accepted my new job yesterday. I'm really excited for that, but I'm still not sure when I'm going to start.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Camp is coming...

I just have a minute because I have to get back to work. Things are almost set for camp. I'm definitely going into overtime this week because I have a few more things to finish up. The big parent orientation is tonight, and I've been told that it's more of a social hour than an orientation, so I'm supposed to keep it clear and concise, which is my style anyways.

All of my staff is now, hopefully, ready to go for Monday and I've now certified all of the camp staff in first aid.

Gotta go!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Camp is just around the corner...

We just made it through the staff orientation week for the JCC's huge day camp. It was a lot of long hours, but the staff there seems like they're going to be great. It made me anxious to get working on my camp. I was in my office on Thursday afternoon getting stuff ready, but it turns out the camp staff made some changes and forgot to tell me, so I had to scratch all of that work and take it home with me to redo. Plus, they keep forgetting to tell me about meetings and then adding them onto my already busy schedule. It's going to be a tough week, but I have a 3-day weekend to prepare for it. And then it's camp time!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Start of Summer

Today marked the end of spring classes. That's one thing off my back and now I can concentrate on summer. That started today too. We did swim testing for camp, which I wasn't as prepared for as I would have liked to be, but only 12 kids showed up, so it didn't really matter. I hope that means that a lot of the camp kids have been in the swim program or were at camp last year and haven't swam since. I'm anxious to get the camp lists so I can start making groups.

Orientation for the big camp at UIC starts this week. I'm excited to be a part of that because I had so much fun last year, but I'm worried I won't get enough time in my office to get everything done.

I also had an interview. I'm a little anxious about that too because the job sounds great, the right next step. It's a great program, more administrative work, an increase in pay, and great professional development support. They also have a great relationship with my supervisors and new professional contacts at my part-time job. So I'm anxious to hear back from them but also that if I do hear back, it's terrible timing for such a great opportunity. I'd love to complete my camp commitment, but they did say I'd have the opportunity to discuss how much time my current job would need to fill my position with my supervisor.

There's a lot to think about, but I'm doing my best to focus on camp and prepared for the summer the best I can. Either way, it should be a good summer.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Almost summer

Things are getting even crazier at work. I still have tons to get done to finish spring classes and start summer camp. The problem is that right now my hands are tied. I need to create my summer lifeguard schedule so I can tell my staff when they're working, and they can make other summer plans. I can't make a lifeguard schedule until I make a pool schedule. I can't finalize my pool schedule until I get the camp pool schedule, and the camp hasn't finished their schedule yet. They gave us the morning schedule but haven't finished the afternoon yet. It's frustrating for me and my staff. Also, since the Kaplan JCC is closing, they want to know when we have swimming at our facility, but I can't give them a pool schedule because it isn't finished yet. We've been having the reverse problem too; our pool is closing for 2 weeks to clean out the algae (finally), but the Kaplan pool doesn't have their summer schedule either because their camp hasn't created their schedule either. I just don't think that the camp understands how many people and programs they affect during the summer. I think I conveyed the urgency of the camp pool schedule to the camp director because she promised I'd have it Monday afternoon.

It's also been challenging because there have been a lot of national and Jewish holidays lately, so even though I have been working as much as a can, I only have so many hours a day I can spend in my office and even less that other people are in their offices.

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